Unraveling the Sandy Hook school shooting HOAX!

In December 2012, Sandy Hook elementary school was the scene of a mass shooting after a local 20 year old loner named Adam Lanzar massacred a number of small children in cold blood. The story was truly shocking and could be compared to the Dumblane incident that took place in the UK in 1996.

Straight away many people started noticing strange inconsistencies with the official story as well as very strange behavior from the many people involved. One example you will see in the video below – is footage of a parent (Robbie Parker) getting ready for a news interview. You can clearly see him laughing and even getting into character before pretending to cry once the interview began. Robbie’s daughter was supposedly murdered less than 24 hours earlier.

Another amazing discovery is that the website setup to take donations for the victims was actually made live a whole day before the tragedy took place!?!!

So who? and why? i hear you ask. Well, in short, the government staged as propaganda for gun control. Simple when you cut through the BS. Remember, after the Dumblane massacre in the UK, all unlicensed handguns became illegal. Same setup, different location.

Sofia Smallstorm has produced “Unraveling Sandy Hook”, one of many brilliant documentary’s exposing the hoax.

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