Chemtrail plane lands while still spraying!!!

In this incredible clip we see what looks like a passenger jet plane landing but the spraying system is still switched on! You can hear some emergency response trucks in the background, I’m sure they’ll just pass it off as an engine fire. CHEMTRAIL FAIL!!


University researcher exposes chemtrails and geo-engineering

University of Reading researcher David Lim gives a lecture on his findings when researching the chemtrail theory. He soon explains that the research project unexpectedly consumed his entire life and now thank God, he can pass his information on to you. He also talks in some depth about when Dorset, in South West England was […]

MSV Signs of gods existence

Signs of God’s existence – Science proves there IS a creator

Is there room for God in science? The answer is YES, God is the foundation of all of science. This is one of the most powerful documentaries I have seen to date and shows that there are scientists on both sides of the argument. This film will blow you away and prove the existence God […]