Jo Cox Illuminati

Jo Cox… A very convenient killing

A witness describes seeing a man with a hoodie in a graveyard watching the scene with binoculars . Could this event have been created to manufacture some pro EU sympathy and to label anti EU campaigners as extremists. I do not believe that the man chosen to take the blame is responsible for this act […]

MSV Royal Family 2

What the Royal Family DOESN’T Want you to See!

If you think the queen is just an innocent old lady, and that the Royal family are good for Britain then you need to watch this documentary! Most semi intelligent people agree that the Royal family has no place in today’s society and are deemed to be nothing more than a tax burden. Learn how […]

MSV Charlie Sheen

Do leaked divorce files show that Charlie Sheen is a Satanic pedophile?

Do Leaked Divorce records regarding the break up between Charlie Sheen and his former wife Denise Richards reveal Sheen to be pedophile? After a messy legal battle, Richards states that the children were showing signs of beastiality and that she had found pictures of young naked children on his computer. Could Charlie Sheen be the […]

The Devils Airport

There’s something very scary about Denver airport

Never has a building put such a chill down your spine. Denver airport was constructed in 1995 after it was decided that Denver needed a second airport – built in the middle of nowhere and with miles and miles of secret underground tunnels and facilities. This ominous structure has a stone placed inside laced with […]

MSV Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne was raped as a child…. And loved it!

This incredible  footage shows low grade but super rich rapper Lil Wayne telling a young boy that he was raped by his mentor and CEO of Cash Money records ‘Birdman’. Wayne says he was 11 when the sex act took place amongst a group of older men and is smiling and laughing while relaying the […]

MSV Aleistar Crowley

Aleistar Crowley – The wickedest man in the world.

Aleister Crowley was known by many names. The great beast or the wickedest man in the world – just to name two. He’s wiped from most minds in today’s blinded world but his occult writings and practices paved the way for the ‘Church of Satanism’, founded by Anton LaVay in the 1960’s. The Church openly […]

MSV Sold Their Souls

They sold their souls for rock and roll

This amazing documentary exposes how so called “celebrities” sell their souls to Satan in order to achieve fame and fortune. This jaw dropping 5 part series exposes numerous influential musicians from the dawn of the creation of the music industry, all the way up to the present day. Satanism in 2015 is more prevalent than […]

MSV Birdman Mason

Pedophile rapper Birdman is a Freemason!

If your not familiar with this freak, his name is “Birdman”, I know, what a beautiful name. Anyways, Mr. Birdman is the scumbag owner of “Cash Money” records which has other freaks like the demonic Lil Wayne, The bisexual Drake and the street hooker Nikki Minaje. This guy is a living example of somebody with […]

MSV Morneau

Roger Moreneau exposes elite Illuminati spirit worshipers

“Face it, Morneau, you’re not your own master. I wish you were, but you’re not. The spirits own you in your entirety, and the sooner you acknowledge that, . . . the better off you’ll be.” Roland began pacing the floor, wringing his hands. “What I’m about to say to you I’d rather tell my […]

MSV Loose Change

Loose Change Second Edition – 9/11 Exposed

9/11 is important for may reasons but will always be looked back upon as the birth place of George Bushes “war on terror”. Loose Change Second Edition asks serious questions regarding the so called terror events that took place on the morning of September 11th 2001. Dylan Avery – the producer of the documentary, investigates […]

MSV Cropsey

The legend of Cropsey – Hell in New York

Growing up on Staten Island, filmmakers Joshua Zeman and Barbara Brancaccio had often heard the legend of ‘Cropsey.’ For the kids in their neighborhood, Cropsey was the escaped mental patient who lived in the old abandoned Willowbrook Mental Institution, who would come out late at night and snatch children off the streets. Sometimes Cropsey had […]


John F Kennedy’s Last Speech

In 1961, John F Kennedy attended the Waldorf-Astoria hotel in New York City to give a speech before the press. This was his warning to the US and other countries that there was a secret society that runs all aspects of the government. Shortly after giving this very exposing speech, he was assassinated. Below is […]

MSV Corey Feldman

Child star Corey Feldman exposes pedophilia in Hollywood

In this incredible interview, child star Corey Feldman tells of how he was surrounded by pedophiles while growing up in the Hollywood movie industry. His late co-star and best friend Corey Haim, admitted to also being sexually abused while in their younger acting days. Haim would go on to take his own life in 2010 […]