Satanic gender neutral bathroom

Real transgender bathrooms are here! Women be scared!!

Well, just as I thought things couldn’t get any more insane or more disgusting, US retailer Target introduces it’s new Trans Gender Bathroom policy. You heard me right! Shoppers at the goods outlet will now be in for a rather sinister surprise should they need to take a tinkle while shopping. Thanks to Target, your […]

Feature - Jimmy Savile is a Wizard

Was Jimmy Savile a Wizard? Full length documentary

With the UK still reeling from the recent Savile scandals, a few points are often overlooked. We never hear much about Jimmy Savile’s personal background and how managed to climb the ladder of success and fame while living his sick lifestyle. This full length documentary takes a look at Savile’s dark past and shines light […]

Feature - Ted Gunderson

Ted Gunderson & The McMartin Preschool Satanic Abuse Case

In 1983, children attending the McMartin PreSchool in California made accusations that they were being sexually abused by teachers and others. The accusations went on to include strangers and various high profile celebrities of the day. When the allegations were reported to the police, an investigation began. The parents quickly felt that the investigation was […]

MSV Finkelstein

Possibly the craziest interview you will ever hear

As far as interviews go, this has to be one of the craziest. In this radio slug fest, Rabbi Abe Finkelstein is debating religion with Christian radio host James Wicksotrm. The main point of focus in this interview is Finkelstein stating that He and other Jews sacrifice babies of the “white man” and mix their […]

MSV Jewish Child Sacrifice

The hidden history of Jewish Child Sacrifice

Hold on to your seats as we go for a disturbing yet informative journey into well kept secret world of Jewish Satanic Sacrifice. This documentary give several examples from history where Jews have been caught stealing children and sacrificing them to their god Satan. The creator of the documentary shows all of the countries that […]