Feature - Joan Rivers Murder

Joan Rivers murdered in crazy Illuminati hit!

I don’t know too much about Joan Rivers but I did find her death rather suspicious as it came just few moths after a video emerged on the internet of her calling Michele Obama a tranny. The star died during a supposedly routine surgery after a random, unnamed doctor appeared and hijacked the operation. PressResetEarth […]

Feature - Ted Gunderson

Ted Gunderson & The McMartin Preschool Satanic Abuse Case

In 1983, children attending the McMartin PreSchool in California made accusations that they were being sexually abused by teachers and others. The accusations went on to include strangers and various high profile celebrities of the day. When the allegations were reported to the police, an investigation began. The parents quickly felt that the investigation was […]

Johm Ramirez Satanic Confession

Satanism in NY – The John Ramirez confession

John Ramirez was ranked the third highest devil worshiper in New York. He received his orders directly from Satan himself. But what was strong enough to rescue John? Who had enough light to shine into his darkness? There’s only one answer!

CERN Opening the Abyss

CERNs Large Hadron Collider – Opening the gates to Hell

Buried deep under a town in Switzerland lies the most extravagant scientific machine ever made. The Hadron Collider was designed to send atoms hurtling through a huge circular pipe at speeds nearing the speed of light. Once the atoms have gathered enough momentum, they are smashed into each other and scientist observe the results. Is […]

MSV Illuminati Sexualisation

Illuminati sexualisation of YOUR CHILDREN!! SHOCKING!!

Are you unknowingly aiding the sexualisation of your child? Most people would be shocked at such a question, but the Illuminati industry is working hard to get as much sex ploughed into your kids brain as they can. This documentary gives just A BRIEF GLIMPSE into how sexual doctrines are being pushed upon children through […]

MSV Boleskine House

Aleister Crowley, The other Loch Ness Monster

When Aleister Crowley, also known as ‘The wickedest man in the world’ decided to carry out an elaborate magic ritual to raise a powerful demon spirit, he quickly started looking for a secluded property to perform it in. The ritual Crowley was about to embark upon was not for amateurs and would require a solid […]

MSV Larry Sinclair

Barack Obama accused of smoking crack, gay sex and murder

Barack Obama accused of smoking crack rock cocaine and homosexual activity with Larry Sinclair. Sinclair Alleges that in 1999, He and Barack Obama Shared Gay Sex and Cocaine. Sinclair has since agreed to a polygraph and challenged Obama to do the same. Sinclair has Filed a Federal Lawsuit Against Obama and Others for Harrassment and […]

MSV Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan admits he sold his soul to the Devil

In this short clip we see Bob Dylan being brutally honest and looking a little fed up. He tells of how he made a bargain with “the cheif commander of this world and of a world we can’t see”. The interview is obvious but Dylan actually uses the word “Devil” but it was edited out. […]


X-Men Gay Agenda exposed! Producer even admits it!

Is it true that X-Men directors and writers see the term “X-Men” as a code word for “gay” in the X-Men movies? Are they using diabolical subterfuge to shove gay propaganda down the throats of our children? Find out how X-Men director Bryan Singer, who stands accused of pedophilia and child rape, has used the […]

MSV Finkelstein

Possibly the craziest interview you will ever hear

As far as interviews go, this has to be one of the craziest. In this radio slug fest, Rabbi Abe Finkelstein is debating religion with Christian radio host James Wicksotrm. The main point of focus in this interview is Finkelstein stating that He and other Jews sacrifice babies of the “white man” and mix their […]

MSV Aaron Russo Fascism

Aaron Russo exposes the Internal Revenue Service

Aaron Russo has accomplished much throughout his life but is probably most well known for directing the classic movie ‘Trading places’. In this incredible self produced documentary, he exposes that fact that the IRS has no legal legitimacy and that 99% of Americans are not obligated to pay taxes. It all started when a farmer […]

MSV Aaron Russo Interview

Aaron Russo exposes Illuminati Rockefeller family

Aaron Russo has accomplished much throughout his life but is probably best known for directing the classic movie ‘Trading places’. In this Alex Jones interview for InforWars.com, Aaron gives us a brief history of his life and then goes on to explain how he became close friends with Nick Rockefeller, a member of the extremely […]

MSV Jewish Child Sacrifice

The hidden history of Jewish Child Sacrifice

Hold on to your seats as we go for a disturbing yet informative journey into well kept secret world of Jewish Satanic Sacrifice. This documentary give several examples from history where Jews have been caught stealing children and sacrificing them to their god Satan. The creator of the documentary shows all of the countries that […]

MSV Barcodes

666 hidden in EVERY barcode! Hidden in plain sight

See how the mark of the beast is even closer thank you think! This scary revelation is sure to put a chill down your spine. I’m sure the “powers that be” have a great explanation but there’s no disputing the 666 hidden in EVERY barcode. it’s obvious once you know it’s there.

MSV 12 Stones

Another incredible bible revelation! The 12 Stones

A quick bit of science for you all. This clip explains that when precious stones are hit with pure light (lazer light), they do one of two things. They either lose all their beauty and look like a lump of coal, OR they illuminate and transmit all the colours of the rainbow. In the Bible, […]


John F Kennedy’s Last Speech

In 1961, John F Kennedy attended the Waldorf-Astoria hotel in New York City to give a speech before the press. This was his warning to the US and other countries that there was a secret society that runs all aspects of the government. Shortly after giving this very exposing speech, he was assassinated. Below is […]


Demon Magicians Exposed – Working with fallen angels

I’m sure you’ve all seen magicians like Dynamo and Chris Angel perform so called Magic tricks that boggle the brain and can’t be explained. This 7 part documentary exposes how magicians, like many musicians and actors, sell their soul to Satan in exchange for Godly powers. Ask yourself, who figured out the “trick” where you […]