Satanic Ritual Abuse of school children in Hampstead

In late 2014, a video emerged on the internet of two young children claiming that they had been sexually abused by their father and that he was the head of a Satanic sex cult based in Hampstead, North London. In the video the children are being quizzed by their mother Ella Draper and her partner Abraham Christie who made the recording as a safety precaution after the children explained their ordeal. The brother and sister insist they are passed around a satanic sex cult which consists of teachers, classmates, parents, social works and many more. Their father Ricky Dearman is accused of being the leader of the cult and forces the children to sacrifice imported babies and then drink their blood. The harrowing claims continue with dancing around baby skulls, shoes made from the babies flesh and much much more. The claims are so elaborate and detailed that they could not have made them up or be forced to remember them.

Bearing that in mind, in the later section entitled ‘The police interviews’, you will see that the children eventually (after a week of being in care and 3 interviews later) retract their allegations and say they made it up. How did they think up such an elaborate story I hear you ask? Well apparently they got it all from watching the ‘Mask of Zoro’ along with a friend at school who looks at plastic willies on her iPad. Wow. Do you honestly believe that?

The Children who are both under the age of 10 go in to incredible detail as they explain to their mother that the abuse had been occurring since they were babies and their father was the head of a Satanic cult based in the extremely wealthy North London suburb of leafy Hampstead. They accuse their father of forcing them to chop the heads off euthanized babies that had been trafficked into the country via various members of the cult. After the beheadings they would drain the blood and drink it from a goblet, while saving the bones for later use. The story they relay is very detailed and they consistently give the same answers ever time they are questioned. One of the most important things to remember about this story, is that the children describe numerous tattoos, piercing and distinctive markings of their abusers, which include the Headteacher of their school Katy Forsdyke.


The original confession videos

Lets start by taking a look at the original confession video that surfaced in 2014.

Ok, so that was pretty scary stuff. After recording these videos and while still on holiday, the mothers partner Abraham contacted his brother Johm Clemont, whom was a police Sargent in South London. His brother advised them to return to the UK and to come straight him upon arrival. They family done what the brother had advised and went straight to his after flying back to England. The brother began passing on information to his superiors but felt that something was wrong as he was not getting the responses he was expecting. The family decided to leave the brothers house and return to London where they reported the case straight to social services.


The Police Interviews

Ella was taken into custody by the police and the children were sneakily separated from her at the police station. She has not seen the children since.
Below are the original police interview tapes made of the children when they were first brought to the police station in September 2014. There are so many weird things about these interviews that just don’t make sense, like the interviews strange tones of voice, body actions and obsessions over the smaller insignificant facts. The first video will show Three interviews carried out with the boy. One on the night they were taken in care, one two days after and one taken a whole week after being in care. In the first two interviews, the boy’s story is consistent, accurate and informative, as is the second interview. However, after being in care for a week and then re interviewed for the third time, they boy retracts the whole claim and says he made it all up. The girls account is the same.


The Media Blackout

When the confession video first appeared on the internet it went viral, but the mainstream media remained suspiciously quiet doing everything in its power to avoid the whole situation. The first article that surfaced was in the daily mail and was a smear campaign against the mother and her partner saying they are a couple of crazies that they had coaxed the children into making up this story to tarnish their fathers name due to a custody battle. This is complete rubbish as the father gave up custody rights a few years earlier when he was arrested for nearly beating Ella to death. The case was quickly and quietly ushered through the royal courts of justice with no police investigation, use of evidence witness statements. The Judge, Justice Pauffly whom, deemed the allegations baseless and that anybody supporting the children’s claims are evil. So as a bid to finally put the story to rest, the BBC done a special, heavily controlled interview with Ricky Dearman. They didn’t publicize the interview and played it at a time when most people would be at work.

Now. If your smart, there is some information given by Dearman in the first few minutes of the interview that proves inconclusively that the whole story has been covered up from the beginning. Ricky Dearman is asked by the interviewer “How did you find out about the allegations?” when Ricky replies, “I can’t remember exactly, I think I got a call from social services advising me to get a lawyer and that I should get himself down to the local police station”. Now I ask you, what is the standard procedure for sexual abuse allegations made by children? I thought the police are supposed to turn up at the house, kick the front door in, handcuff you and take you down to the police station for questioning. The property would then be searched and any evidence secured. So… getting a nice cosey little phone call asking you politely to come to the police station seems VERY strange to me. Anyways, lets see the interview.


Who is Ricky Dearman?

Well, one ting is for sure, Ricky Dearman is sheer evil. The Hampstead Research organisation has been been setup by regular people exclusively to investigate this case as the police failed to. The organisation has found many great pieces of evidence relating to the case including the information that Ricky Dearman owns his own internet servers and various websites which he seems to be methodically deleting. It is believed that he has child porn websites also located on these servers and could be selling images.

Ricky Dearman is an aspiring actor and has a showreel on YouTube. A showreel is a series of short scenes planned and financed by an aspiring actor. Just like how a model has a portfolio of shot, an unheard of actor needs a showreel. Let’s look a Ricky’s showreel, bearing in mind that Ricky gets to dictate the everything about the script and the scene.

So after learning that Dearman want’s to be an actor and loves playing a short tempered killer, the BBC interview discussed previously might start making sense. You see in the BBC interview that he exaggerates his emotions too much, takes abnormally long pauses even tries forcing himself to cry but completely fails. It’s all rigged folks and Dearman was thoroughly enjoying every part of the interview, sowing off his fine acting skills.


Interview with the mother and partner

The motherr and her partner fled the UK as they were in fear for their lives. They managed to find safety and conduct a skype interview, explaining how it all began and how it transpired into the one of the biggest cover ups in recent history – rivaling the recent Jimmy Savile scandal. Below is an interview conducted by a county judge in America whom has taken an interest in the story.


Friends like us – the facebook connections

As mentioned before, a group of truth seekers and concerned citizens banded together to form the Hampstead Research organization, dedicated to investigation the case of the WhistleBlower kids. The organization released a number of videos where they investigate various aspects of the people involved. As you will see for yourself, they find a lot of interesting information that points towards the fact that the kids are telling the truth. A quick YouTube search will bring up other “connection” videos including info on the Shoe and lock shop mentioned by the children.



If your still deciding what to belive, then you need to go back and start again. THIS REALLY HAPPENED. there is no dounbt in my mind. Here’s a few things to consider:

  1. The detailed description of tattoos, piercings and markings that can be found around the intimate body parts of the abusers. To this date, none of the 90+ people accused have come forward to clear their name.
  2. The official reports from the medial exam carried out on the children CONFIRM molestation was carried out over a prolonged period of time.
  3. There was absolutely no investigation into the named abusers and no evidence seized.

This is not the first time children have maade these allegations. This has been a taboo topic for centuries but the Whistleblower kids done a great job in helping show the world that this stuff does exist and needs to be stopped. Satanic ritual abuse is alot closer to homme than you think and is not something reserved soley for horror movies.

The children were illigally taken from their mother by Barnett police and have remained in care since September 2014. There has been a grass roots movements to reunite them with their loving grandparents in the Ukrane but this has been met with stiff opposition.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE try and keep updated with this situation as there is always new information being brought to light. You can do this by subscribing to the Hampstead Research blog in the link below. A huge thank you to Sabine McNeill, Belinda McKenzie and all the others at Hampstead Researchers who have dedicated their own time, money and safety to expose this cult. We pray for the children and again thank them for their courage and bravery. We hope that soon they can return to their loving mother and try to live a long and happy life In Jesus’ name.


A final thought from retired Police Detective Sargent Ray Savage


Useful Links

Hampstead Research

Belinda McKenzie

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  1. Thank you so much for supporting the children.
    If you have seen/heard any of our latest video/podcasts you will be aware that we are dealing with state sponsored Trauma Based Mind Control programs.

    Ella and Abraham

  2. Dear Ella,

    I really hope you get your children back and can help them to cope and deal with what has been happening to them before they bravely spoke out and I hope they have been in kind and safe hands. I have spent many a day thinking of them and hoping they are ok, the only positive thing i can share is when i was in care in Enfield years ago, no one bothered me in that way, although i had a great deal of anger, as i am sure Alica and Gabrielle are also very angry, it may protect them. I was taken to Tavistock for a year on wednesdays to see the main Dr in charge of the teens as i had many issues. I only remember going there and leaving and really do not remember any of the meetings inside, but i do have ss notes with dates i went there and which Dr i saw. Who is dead now but has a website smothered in Monarch butterflies. I just went there as i got a day off school every week, coaxed by my social worker with an italian meal every wednesday in hampstead. . A bit strange in light of what your children say about wednesdays and it being Monarch mind control and i don’t remember a thing. We are living through great deception and i am very angry at those that are so dismissive as when i first saw the children speaking of this, as an abuse survivor myself, i knew they were telling the truth. It is very disturbing that this is going on in our world and has been covered up continuously for many decades by those in power and the media, police etc in every country. People need to realise this is very real, soul destroying and happening to so many children everywhere. If there is anything i can do to help please contact me. I don’t know what i could do, but i am offering my help anyway.. Please be strong..

    • Sharon, Ella hasn’t a chance of getting her children back. Her and Abraham are wanted for child abuse in the UK. Plus the children told Police they didn’t want to be with her and Abraham.

  3. Thankfully, turned out to be a hoax. It’s now been irrefutably proven (as if it weren’t obvious to begin with) and the victims – i.e. the wrongly accused and harassed – are getting their lives back together and their children can sleep at night again.

    Meanwhile, the perpetrators of the hoax, the evil mother and her creepy child-torturing boyfriend Abe Christie – have abandoned the children and fucked off to Spain to smoke weed and drink cannabis soup.

    • SPINY NORMAN – Thank you for being about the only person with any sense on this webpage. I have now spent hours upon hours researching into this case as, truth be told, I was for a moment (about ten minutes) almost fooled by the initial videos of confession by the two children. But then I used some common sense and intuition to reason that it was a very fafetched story. So I researched, and researched, reading article upon article and more video “evidence” and footage including all of the police interview tapes and other accounts from various conspiracy “cover up theorists”.


      The two children are victims of abuse though it’s not clear who the abiuse was carried out by, it’s most likely been abuse at the hands of their mother Ella Draper and her new boyfriend Abe Christie.

      Though there was serious abuse at the hands of the mother and boyfriend and possibly some kind of abuse at the hands of their paternal father it is extremely unlilely that there was any kind of cult or evil religious connotations of any kind.

      It is also impossible that the entire community of Hampstead was involved in some major cultist activities.

      All of the evidence given by the children has since been debunked including the retraction of their statements and an official retraction of the evidence given my the doctor who falsely diagnosed the physical/sexual abuse.

      The case has been put to rest in court with the father being cleared, the mother Ella and boyfriend AC now having fled the country.

      I think that the most obvious piece of actual evidence that can be garnered from this is this – now that the mother Ella and her boyfriend have been disproved in the court of law they have abandoned the two children and left them to live in foster care with the social services who were supposidly the ones in the cult to begin with, and they have fled the country to live in Spain without their children. Does that show any sign that Ella is a loving caring parent?

      And if this whole ordeal was so traumatic how is the Mother Ella Draper able to be able to still be creatnig and uploading content to you tube to promote her ridicuoous “Facial Yoga Therapy” business?

      The entire thing is a hoax thats only believed by only those with not enough intelligence to actually research into the supposed evidence to find their own conclusion.

      Here is an article by a prominent lawyer and member of the Hampstead community and Christ Church school that helped to clear the haze of lies and untruths for me and is worth a read if you believe the utter bull shit.

      Also here’s a video of Ella Draper,, that I’ve referenced above, in the present day Spain promoting her Face Yoga business. This does not look like somebody who’s suffering form sever mental anguish and trauma that she should be undergoing if her children were actually abused so terribly. Instead Ella Draper looks calm, healthy, happy and full of joy which shows that she’s a complete evil liar.

  4. How has this been irrefutably been proven not to be true HOW? The piercing and tattoos mentioned by the children are specific they could clear their names if need be. Why would a so called evil mother and her boyfriend expose this and blame teachers social workers police their DAD to cover themselves any intelligent person can read between the lines. These evil workers of iniquity had access to these children through the Dad.

  5. I’ve spent a year and a half researching this case. I have more knowledge about it in my little finger than you appear to have in your whole body. You can read a whole host of evidence here:

    There are medical reports, police reports, the children’s own admissions, Abe’s confessions, court reports, press articles… I’ve also made a number of videos about it on various channels. Perhaps you could be more specific about what you mean by evidence.

    Alternatively, you could try to get your head around some basic principles of ethics and law, if you can: you’ve made the accusations. Ergo, the burden of proof lies with you (both legally and ethically). It’s commonly known as “innocent until proven guilty” and it’s been rather fashionable in civilised nations since the end of the middle ages.

    Sooo, even though I was under no obligation to provide you with any proof, I have. Lots of it. Now it’s your turn, so I ask again: what is your proof to support the extremely serious allegations you have made publicly about several members of the Hampstead community?

    • Thank you so much David,
      We are aware of the government agents implicated in this scourge., but have no information on Angela Mason. The 99 page FREE THE HAMPSTEAD 2 Independent Police Complaints Commission appeal document compiled by our legal team, which we shall be featuring on and www, will completely demolish the attempted cover up and blow the case wide open.
      You may contact us on the hampsteadcoverup website.
      BTW Spineless Norman is one of the the father Ricky Dearman’s numerous fake accounts that he uses to troll social media in attempts to control the narrative and cover up of the State sponsored Trauma Based Mind Control programs that the children have unwittingly exposed.
      They are becoming increasingly desperate as the case has spread to the U.S.

      • For someone who is so worried about her children you ran out on them at the first chance you got. You also accused your own son of being an abuser. The children need to be kept safe from you and your pot head abuser boyfriend

    • Still promoting your satanic jokestead/hoaxstead comic tRicky? Fancy seeing you here.
      “I’ve spent a year and a half researching this case. I have more knowledge about it in my little finger than you appear to have in your whole body.”
      We recognise your inimitable illiterate egotistical blurb.
      Still making those hats ?
      The race is not for the swift. Ask not for whom the bell tolls…
      Abraham, but you may call me

      • Abraham, you’re an idiot. There are tons of people out there who can see right through your hoax in which you implicated a lot of innocent people… and not all of those people are Ricky Dearman.

    • I second this 110%

      Anybody with an ounce of intelligence and intuition enough to know that research needs to be done before a verdict can be made will find out for themselves in time and with enough research that the entire story is a lie concocted by Ella Draper and her boyfriend Angelo C to disrepute the paternal father and his community.

      The mother is now wanted to questioning by the London Met Police but has since fled the country to evade arrest and has left her children with the social services foster carers.

      Does that sound like the actions of an innocent woman who loves her children?

      And now Ella and Abraham are attempting to cover up their own cover up with another lie, this time the saying that the children were victims of a state sponsored Trauma Based Mind Control programme. This completely laughable, they’ve concocted another lie almost as grand as the first lie to cover up their lies and abuse of the kids.

      Why in the world would the government brainwash the children to think that they were abused by an evil cult. It makes no sense whatsoever and sounds like a desperate lie to attempt to cover up their own mistakes and is so amateur.

      Ella Draper and her drug addicted boyfriend as the stupidest paid of twits since Laurel and Hardy, they are an absolute joke world wide.

  6. Dear Ella, Angela Mason has not been mentioned who is the child councilor for Hampstead . I think you ought to look into her history. Her personal involvement in this case ought to raise alarm bells as I believe she is involved in Satanism. I am thinking of giving a phone call or email. It will be interesting to hear her response.

    Please contact to me if you know nothing about this lady.

  7. Dear David, thank you so much. You may contact us on or or
    BTW Spineless Norman is one of the father Ricky Dearman’s numerous fake sock puppet accounts that he uses to troll social media in transparent attempts to control the narrative.
    He is becoming increasingly desperate as his bungling has exposed David “Porky” Cameron’s involvement in money laundering schemes for which he, Dearman provided off shore banking services, as well child trafficking, and “fun sex parties” where infants and children were ritually abused, tortured and murdered.
    The upcoming 99 page FREE THE HAMPSTEAD 2 Independent Police Complaints Commission appeal document compiled by our legal team will demolish the attempted cover up and expose the lies and perversions of the course of justice by members of the Met. Police, judiciary, social services and legal reps.

    • Ella, how is life treating you in the sunshine country of Spain?

      You being in the peace and quiet without the noise and lies of your little children’s voices must be heaven for you and your boyfriend.

      To first abuse your children and torture them into telling such disgusting lies only to then abandon them so that you can run from the police and flee the country to go on a honey moon extended holiday with your new drug addicted boyfriend, you are indeed an evil slut whore of a scale I have never heard before.

  8. Iv looked at alot evidence provided on YouTube and I firstly came across the police video by chance I really feel that most people don’t know or have seen most of the evidence or even heard about the case. I know my family are none the wiser, I hope this gets shared with as many people as possible. Wish I could help in some way, people need to open there eyes, sending hugs and prayers

    • Thank you and bless you Emma ,
      Drifloud on twitter is a great source of knowledge.
      ella and abraham.

      • i have been following this case from almost the beginning and it infuriates me that these children came forth and what courage that took and nothing is being done about it! I can only imagine how and what you are going through. What those children are going through and gone through is a travesty. There is such evilness in e world!. I believe the children with my whole heart.

  9. I often think of these brave children and how their case has been manipulated by the abuse of power. It makes me so mad that these children have gone through all this for nothing! I hope someday soon they get reunited with there mother and all the other named abusers get what they deserve. It’s just like MK ultra. Total coverup at the expense of innocent lives. Keep doing what your doing and expose these monsters!

  10. Elisa and Gabriel have been on my mind since I became aware of their terrible ordeal. I can’t find find peace, my heart aches for them and Ella. Please can someone tell me if these 2 children are somwhere safe and being looked after if not with their mom or grandparents.

    • I heard the father gained custody of the kids and they moved to California. There is a video of the children, maybe 4 years later.

  11. I cant find any update on this case. I think about these children and BELIEVE THEM. There is only one thong I want that is fpr them to be with thwir mother. I would also like a fair trial for them. If it wasnt a cover up HOW COME THEY HAVE NOT BEEN GIVEN A FAIR TRIAL. Go to court like anyone else would.Where are these petitions. Any updates? Are these people on facebook?

  12. I cant help but wondwr why this case is gping npwhere. It unfolded a year ago. What is happening tpday? Where is the mpther and her children?
    David Icke promotes the ills of this world and I bet now after such horrific cases like this one… the unbelievable is now believable. This mother Ella Gareeva needs our help. She needs her kids back. IT IS HER HUMAN RIGHT. THEY BELONG TO HER

  13. What is the latest? Are you back with your children? I hope that justice is served and that the case ensues. Are these schools etc still running? Cant you stage a.protest. Gather a meet up in a central london area with supporters. Try a West London meetup away from the area. It may start small but trust me you need emotional support from real people. You will get there. Have faith. God bless you. Believe in good..Its amazing the evil that exists. I have heard nothing like this BUT I have been victim to seeing a person I knew for years change from lovely to evil when they joined an organisation. It shocked me to the core the experience and it led me to do some research and never look at things at face value because the opposite is true. Start a blog and also go on David Ickes site and start a forum group for support

  14. I believe the children’s interviews, there are just too many elaborate details that they mentioned that were far beyond the ramblings of a child making things up. There is a lot of strange things with this case that you can see when you read between the lines. The thing that worries me is that if this group has enough influence to control social services, police, Judges etc then it will be incredibly hard to get justice for these children. With the media on their side as well as any official government agents the only things that will happen will be a smear campaign and cover up or worst case scenario is that they will be silenced permanently. They have the power to do this without any concern for the law catching up with them. These groups secretly control everything, not just here but all over the world and if history teaches us anything it’s that bad things happen to the proud when they go against the throne. I feel for the children and the mother but I don’t know what can be done against such odds without taking the law into your own hands.I m not saying you should give up or anything like that, I just can’t get my head around what you can do about any of this and thats a scary thought. The world can be a terrible place but mostly its just terrible people. I wish you all luck in your endeavour for justice, please be careful.

  15. Does anyone have any update on this story? Is there any credible site to provide information on the safety of the children and Ella and Abraham? What has or will be done. Is this actually going on now? Surely there are protests?

  16. What is going on with this case? A criminal case with a fifth of that info should be taken seriously. I mean we have 2 key victims both children backing up eachothers stories and its supposedly been quashed and NOT ever gone to court. Seriously its disgraceful how many more cases get swept away. It is horrifying reading these situations that children never mind adults could make up something so savagely intricate..its just horrifying. This school and the church and the other places mentioned. I mean have they just let this all go? Doesnt at least one journalist cover this? Where is the mother and the boyfriend and their family? I hope they get support. I support this case and hope when those kids gets to their teens they are strong and brave eno7gh to speak again about this case instead of the systrm hushing them up. Somerhing happened for sure.

  17. I’m from the North East of Scotland. From my teenage years I was hearing stories of Satanic ritual in Hazelhead park, have had first hand eye witness accounts of the fires and the heavy porn lying about after rituals and seen with my own eyes a huge geometric symbol very neatly painted on the public path outside the wood in pink paint in the public foot road between the wood and the park. As a teenager I remember seeing little pieces of graffiti randomly written on the ground in the city centre outside the St Nicholas centre, referencing Charles Manson and plenty goths and crusties gobbling on about chaos magic. I was quite relieved to grow up and travel and meet crusties who believed in healing and crystals because most of the Aberdeen ones where all over Crowley shit. Twenty five horses mutilated in Laurancekirk near the Summer Solstice in 2002 and Britain’s leading White Witch in the mainstream press stating that their is a dark cult in the North East. Add to that it’s the home of Scottish first right Free Masonry and nobody speaks out. Och wake up people.
    Of course it’s happening. Aye and why was Ricky Dearman given a phone call? When have you ever heard a person in the frame for that kind of crime given the opportunity to hide evidence? You get raided for these kinds of allegations. Social work behaved very unethically. If what he’s saying true.
    It probably went more like “shit Dearman, the kids have told Ella everything, the fucking lot. Do what you have to do and then do as we fucking well say”

  18. Wow Emilie thats a story. What is happening in this world. That would freak me out as a child. When I was complaining about certain things at school that were occuring I was treated bad as the victim and I wasnt allowed to continue with a sixth form education. There is something not right. I am glad for social media for the purpose that th8ngs cant be controlled too much by the establishment. Sure I know they do take away stuff from search engines. But people can and do speak up.I use Good Gopher to search.
    As for these whistleblowers…gosh.
    I can only imagine there is gagging in these cases and people cant speak. Funny isnt it the people who cant speak are the VICTIMS. I say speak or just use Facebook social media etc and tell all under false names. This is important you cannot turn a blind eye. Its a relief to know that cases in childrens homes regarding historical child abuse are given headlines it says something is wrong. HOW CAN THESE CASES KEEP GETTING SHUT DOWN. I believe in justice but it seems you have to whistleblow online on facebook yourself and be your own news reporter because it seems newspapers and some police and goverment shut you down. DONT GIVE THEM THE POWER. TALK UP…AND find a reputatble lawyer before you speak up and family who will back you up if you get locked up. NOONE HAS THE RIGHT to commit unlawful disgraceful acts we need to speak up and fight the system its the only way. I pray these children speak up soon. It seems the media is monopilised there are groups working together. I for one would be willing to go on a protest to reunite these whistleblower kids with their mother. Believe in yourself and dont give up.

  19. I hope this case gets heard. Can they not do an internet video and send it out and it will go viral. People need to hear about this from the victims viewpoint. Names need not be mentioned by them. Its so unfair these kids need justice. What kind of future will they have if their childhood has been tarnished through this coverup. You can not coverup evil for long. They know the truth. God bless those children and families lets hope they have the strength to see this through no matter what they face make videos along the way and keep them with friends and family and online and things are documentated. Social media is good for that at least. This case has always been on my mind and justice must prevail. Keep being strong you will have support.

  20. Here is the court case:

    165. This is a summary of my salient findings –

    • Neither child has been sexually abused by any of the following – Ricky Dearman, teachers at Christchurch Primary School Hampstead, the parents of students at that school, the priest at the adjacent church, teachers at any of the Hampstead or Highgate schools, members of the Metropolitan Police, social workers employed by the London Borough of Camden, officers of Cafcass or anyone else mentioned by Ms Draper or Mr Christie.

    • The children’s half brother, his father and stepmother – Will and Sarah Draper – are likewise exonerated of any illicit or abusive acts involving the children.

    • There was no satanic or other cult at which babies were murdered and children were sexually abused.

    • All of the material promulgated by Ms Draper now published on the internet is nothing other than utter nonsense.

    • The children’s false stories came about as the result of relentless emotional and psychological pressure as well as significant physical abuse. Torture is the most accurate way to describe what was done by Mr Christie in collaboration with Ms Draper.

    • Both children were assaulted by Mr Christie by being hit with a metal spoon on multiple occasions over their head and legs, by being pushed into walls, punched, pinched and kicked. Water was poured over them as they knelt semi-clothed.

    • The long term emotional and psychological harm of what was done to the children is incalculable. The impact of the internet campaign is likely to have the most devastating consequences for P and Q.

  21. IThats the ypdate of what happened…by what actually happened… I find that so hard to believe that everyth8ng that was said as witnessed by these children form there mouth was ALL rubbish. No noones imagination espacially a childs cpuld conjure all that up and be rubbish. It was depraved..
    Also what happen the NHS notes of their injuries the documents are online for all to see…NOW IS THAT MADE UP TOO?

    Funny how it was all being put on one adult who was not itially accused and everything else is forgotten about. Said who? Was this publically witnessed or establishment coverup?

    I am of the belief we will need to hear it from the children.

    I am so disgusted by whistleblowers being treated fairly and never getting a day in court to publically speak openly and publically. I wont bel8eve anuthing when whistleblowers get treated like this and it is all covered up and there is no public explanation.

    Neither story got the coverage it deserved. We never heard the kids get there day to speak. Or there mother.
    At least let the public decide too..

    God bless them.

  22. I want to know the children are safe with their mother and her partner. It so happened If it never went to court and their baby was no proper investigation after those detailed stories from the kids then that speaks volumes. A public investigation didn’t commence because it was covered up. Too much detail and names and scars etc mentioned and not enough time to wipe away evidence. That’s my thoughts. They are kids an adult couldn’t make that up and it’s now forgotten before investigation. Speaks volumes. What a terrible thing to not allow justice for them children. No one has proved its rubbish as a there was no investigation.

  23. Separation of Mother and Children is a Dire Human Rights Violation.

    I understand why the mother fled the UK (like we did). If you will let me speculate for a moment (based on my own experiences after my son was ritually abused in the UK) I reckon she got conned by some cult-connected officer who got her to sign ‘something standard’ quickly then have an interview in a private room where kids weren’t allowed before she realized she had signed her children away (they had already been taken) and no lawyer would come near (we looked for legal help for 6 months before getting ‘unofficial help’ from the Chinese Embassy – the doorman gave us a business card for a Chinese consultant). Her mistake was trusting our institutions.

    Unfortunately for ritual abuse crime these people are very well connected and would rather drag down the country into a human rights quagmire (because they can). She would have also endured severe, but covert harassment (although the object would have been her suicide, not flight)

    We need new law for organized ‘cult’ crime. We need a plea-bargaining and duress bill passed. Even if they negotiate their sentences down to zero that way at least the ring would be dismantled and the public could be informed, and mothers and children wouldn’t be separated in gross miscarriages of justice and human rights violation such as this.

    It seems anybody who visibly speaks out on human rights needs to be in a foreign country or seeking protection in an embassy. If you want to see it in black and white download the Macur Review (North Wales Child Abuse Scandal) . There is a whole chapter on Freemasonry, only it is more correction fluid than writing.

    If that isn’t enough. Check out the ‘PIE’ Wiki entry (70,000 quid from who?):

  24. I stumbled across the childrens videos while researching pizzagate. I have never heard anyhing about this story, so started researching it. I believe what the children are saying, its one big cover up.
    I feel compelled to get justice for these kids, but have no professional credentials, and wouldnt know where to begin.
    I have discussed with family and friends and most of them can’t see what i see. It is totally disgusting how the victims in these situations are made out as liars.
    What can the general public do to get this case to a criminal court?

    • The general public can do nothing to get this case to a Criminal Court. It’s over. You’re admitting you’ve jumped aboard the Satanic Panic bandwagon from Pizzagate recently and obviously haven’t even researched the case. The children have been safely away from the Mother and her boyfriend for 2 years. The children told Police, the boyfriend had physically tortured them and coached them what to say on a 4 week holiday in Morocco.
      They also told Police they didn’t want to go back to Abraham and Ella.

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  27. We must ask ‘ WHO’ are they protecting?
    It is certainly not the children.
    Cases like this, that get closed down, buried in ridicule, not given a proper investigation/ trial – with facts that are twisted & turned are SUCH blatant attempts to protect people in power.
    These rings that involve satanic, paedophile, snuff/pornography & the abuse of humans, (often children), are frequented by people in power. I am guessing, by this EXTREME cover-up, this involves people in (high level) Government.
    It is so sad that the people that do the harm are still free and can continue their barrage of abuse on the innocent – protected in yet another seedy residence in the UK. I hope in my lifetime this horrific crime will come out for a full public hearing and those that were involved (and those that knew and said nothing) will be prosecuted.
    All the naysayers & Illuminati propaganda merchants on here are TROLLS. It is so easy to spot the rhetorical style of writing – such obvious attempts to distract & discredit… Nico, Dan Jerry, Harold Marvin, Paula, the truth seeker, the truth seeker 2, What Actually Happened (gosh, how original!) & not forgetting Spineless Norman – probably all ‘one’ person. SHAME on you.
    Ella, I hope that both you are your children are safe.
    I urge anyone to research Monarch mind control programing, as well as watch the interesting documentary (Detestable) on the proliferation of satanic ritual abuse.
    May Love & Truth & Justice always reign.

    Documentary ‘Detestable’:

    • It seems that Dearman also posted under pseudonym “Realist” in 2018, a few steps below here.

  28. I’ve been following this case sience 2015. I truly believe theese children because it’s not a first precedent when satanic abuse is taking place. Jim Savile and Ted Heath have been exposed by the victims and some honest police and social workers. Unfortunetley most of the public servants nowdays are corrupt and will and do cover up such a horrendous crimes. I do believe children and Ella because. You need to know how to read not only verbal but also mimicks and gimmiks of interviewed people. First interviews of children were very truthful and not conflicting but the last interviews which were denying all the previous systems were very flimsy and untruthful. This case actually opened my eyes and I started to investigate this subjects and came across so many cover ups all arround the world. It was heartbreaking to learn that so many innocent souls go through such cruelty and satanism in a very begging of their life. this case also made many people aware of such things happening in front of their eyes. Ricky Dearmans interview was so so staged and covered with lies that if you have at least a bit of common sense you would.notice it. Body language and mimicks can tell much more than words. Even now he is desparately trying to confuse some truth seakers and people who came across this case for the first time . He is commenting on all videos and topics online under various names. We can recognize his style of writing and expressing himself. If he was a little bit smarter he would’ve done it properly .

    • Lola, get a clue.

      Ella Draper starved her children, the school reported that her children were looking in bins for food and begging food off other children. The school ended up on the list of so-called cult members.

      Ella Draper was reported by a neighbour for locking her starving children out in their underwear. The neighbour ended up on the list of so-called cult members.

      Ella Draper added the police officer investigating the utter nonsense claims to the list of so-called cult members.

      See a pattern here? Anybody Ella Draper didn’t like ended up on the list.

      Oh and her boyfriend Abraham Christie? The guy that the children later said beat them into making the false allegations? He has a criminal record for child abuse!

      Lola you do know that Ella Draper abandoned her children 3 years ago, yes? She went to Spain with her child abusing boyfriend and hasn’t returned.

      This is the woman that YOU believe.

      Wake up Lola.

      • People who are blind are surely not realists. The story says that the kids were interviewed twice and their story did not change.

        I don’t have the desire nor time to mention everything.

        What I know by the evidence in the world… that this story lines up with, is that we are soon going to be living in Satan’s (the anti-Christ’s) end times world rule.

        Also don’t have the desire or time to get into the details of this, but I do know that the rfid chip lines up with the mark of the beast mentioned in Revelation 13 (no man may buy or sell unless he has the mark of the beast).

        If you take this, daring God, God will win, and your eternal future is not destined for a good place

  29. I have looked at this whole thing too. Ignoring the half logic of some of the above comments, I can neutrally summarize this. The mom & dad split up. Ella called police once for her mom as Dearman became violent with Ellas’ mom. (Public records) He didn’t see kids for awhile, like a year or two. The kids & their mom had only known Abraham for a matter of months. The kids said they were cool with Abe until Morocco where they were caught touching each other in an inappropriate way. Ella & Abe eventually came to realize that either the kids were telling a horrible lie or a horrible truth. How they came to believe them enough to call the police, I do not know. (The kids had already stolen money from Ellas purse, one time a large amount, once a large purchase on her credit card of which the kids claim giving her credit card numbers to their dad. (Generally speaking within the satanic cults being bad is good and is encouraged.) The kids talked to the police in what was an unheard of two week investigation. After repeating and matching stories between the two of them with hundreds of details and after being separated from their mom, hearing their mom get belittled by a policeman, and going on an undocumented, untaped ride with police to find where the alleged abuse occurred, the kids “sort of” recant, more Alisa than Gabriel. The unanswered questions, to name a few, are: Why did Ella and Abe take the kids to try to find the location of their abusers, (documented by taxi driver), if they made the whole thing up? How did Alisa know the color of the door at 10 Highgate? Why won’t any of the teachers volunteer to prove that they do not have the tattoos and piercings that the kids described? Why weren’t there more follow up questions after kids statements of abuse by dad and others? They were quite absent. Why was no CSI done to look for blood with luminol or DNA samples? Why weren’t the school officials and parents questioned about the dads alleged, frequent and illegal visits to the school? (Cameras are everywhere, neighbors watch, easy to prove.) Did Dearman stay with Hollings at times or not? (Cameras & neighbors again.) Alisa said during retraction that they (Dearman & Hollings) didn’t know each other. Gabriel said during the retraction that they were friends and his dad stayed at Hollings house sometimes.

  30. This utterly vile disgusting satanic behavior is happening in every city in the World, hell every single neighborhood for fock sakes! This is the father of lies world hence the grand deception on a grand scale. Thats why it is essential to receive the gift of salvation from Jesus Christ and to repent of our sins. We were born into this debt of the devils world and is why God sent his son to save us and free up our debt. Get on your knees and proclaim that you accept Jesus as your Lord and savior, ask for forgiveness, and stop sinning. The rabbit hole of truth leads a seeker on the quest to Christ. The truth will set you free. Jesus Christ is the truth and the way my friends. This from a regular smegular guy not born into religion who hustled n balled n sinned most my life. Seek and ye shall find…

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