Sainsbury’s stealing from customers via Self Service Kiosk

We’ve all seen the new Self Service kiosks rolled out across all the top supermarkets over the past few years. I remember them being a bit clunky at first, with all the “remove item from the bagging area” business, but naturally they were refined and now 90% of the ones I use work flawlessly… apart when I visit Sainsburys.

It turns out that the Self Service kiosks at Sainsburys supermarkets ARE NOT calculating discounts on combination deals. For example, I grabbed a £3 meal deal consisting of a sandwich, a packet of crisps and a drink. Individually these items would total around £4 something but should be reduced to £3. When scanning the items at the self service kiosk, the total came at the full amount of £4 something. The ‘Meal Deal’ was not applied until I clicked the ‘Finish & Pay’ and THEN clicked the ‘Go Back’ button!

I didn’t think it was too much of a big deal at first but with hundred of stores nationwide and thousands of transactions carried out daily at Self Services kiosks, you can imagine how much extra money the company is making by not giving the customer what they advertise. Very sneaky too.

I understand that this may be old new to alot of people but I’ve heard no mention of it anywhere.

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