Real transgender bathrooms are here! Women be scared!!

Well, just as I thought things couldn’t get any more insane or more disgusting, US retailer Target introduces it’s new Trans Gender Bathroom policy. You heard me right! Shoppers at the goods outlet will now be in for a rather sinister surprise should they need to take a tinkle while shopping. Thanks to Target, your bathroom visit has now been made even more awkward by the addition of a sex offender being allowed to use the cubical next to you.

Target has confimed that shoppers may now use the bathroom according to the sex that they most identify with. So, if you feel like a lady toady, you may use the ladies rest rooms. If you feel like a man, you may use the mens. How f****ng STUPID can you get!!

Target corporate members have made their views very clear by stating that if you have a problem with the policy, you are welcome to use the disabled bathroom. So what they are really saying there is… We sick fucks at Target will be letting the 0.3% of the nation that are so sick in the head that they don’t know what sex the are use the big boys and big girls toilets while the rest of normal civilisation can use the bathroom for people with handicaps.

If this isn’t proof that the devil is working flat out to bring in his New World Order then I really can’t help you. Huge corporations do everything in their power to keep the masses happy, so to turn around and treat the masses like trash means that bigger powers are at play. A cause more worthy than a billion dollar retail empire is being brought about.

I promise you that it will not be long before you see this kind of thing happening over here in our Tesco’s, Sainsburys, Asdas and so on.

Ladies, be vigilant. The establishment is showing they don’t care about the safety of you or your children. In a 5 mile radius of just one Target store in America, lives 205 REGISTERED sex offenders, who are now allowed to come into the bathroom with you.

In God we trust.

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