Pedophile rapper Birdman is a Freemason!

If your not familiar with this freak, his name is "Birdman", I know, what a beautiful name. Anyways, Mr. Birdman is the scumbag owner of "Cash Money" records which has other freaks like the demonic Lil Wayne, The bisexual Drake and the street hooker Nikki Minaje. This guy is a living example of somebody with all the money in the world but you wouldn't want to be them. In a previous video, you can see Lil Wayne telling a young boy how he was raped by Birdman when he was 11 and he loved it. I'll leave the link below. Anyways, here's the smoking gun proof that Birdman is in fact, a Luciferian Freemason as the video shows him being given a VIP tour of the Grand Lodge in London England.


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  1. This is VERY DISTURBING !!!! No child should ever have to go threw this!!!!! I am angry that people just sat back as let this happened. I don’t understand why Birdman is not charged and convicted of this horrible grime against children!!!

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