New Satanic Eastenders commercial from the BBC

The BBC have launched a new commercial promoting their ‘Mothers Day’ special episode, but questions are mounting surrounding the dark and sinister tones within the 30 second promo. Most people know that soap operas are there just to kill half an hour of the day. But the truth is that most soap operas are actually designed to reprogram the views mind. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that nothing but pain and misery comes from Albert Square, Coronation Street and all the others. Why can’t the writers come up with more productive and positive story lines? Because they want to keep you emotionally weak, scared and angry. Many people in high positions within the entertainment industry are involved with the occult and want to push their message/agenda upon the unsuspecting viewer and that is what you will see in the clip below. Remember, occultism is always the inversion of the holy gospel.

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