Loose Change Second Edition – 9/11 Exposed

9/11 is important for may reasons but will always be looked back upon as the birth place of George Bushes “war on terror”.

Loose Change Second Edition asks serious questions regarding the so called terror events that took place on the morning of September 11th 2001. Dylan Avery – the producer of the documentary, investigates numerous inconsistencies the official stories and exposes a number of things that you may find rather interesting. Some of the topics Avery looks at are:

The pentagon crash site

The speed at which the WTC collapsed

Firefighter statements

Insider trading

Building 7

Political connections

And many many more…

If your new to the Truth Movement then this film will really open your eyes and expose the crime of the century…. so far.

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  1. Only 11 year late on this film, even it’s makers acknowledge that in hindsight they made many errors.
    There are far more superior films than this one.

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