Lil Wayne was raped as a child…. And loved it!

This incredible  footage shows low grade but super rich rapper Lil Wayne telling a young boy that he was raped by his mentor and CEO of Cash Money records 'Birdman'. Wayne says he was 11 when the sex act took place amongst a group of older men and is smiling and laughing while relaying the story. The demonic recoding artist goes on to say that he "loved it", "never push charges" and tells the 14 year old boy present that "I'm gonna do you like Birdy did me".

!! UPDATE !!
We've managed to find footage of Birdman, CEO of Cash Money Records being given a 1st Class VIP tour af the Grand Lodge of Freemasonry in London, UK. This is conclusive proof that pedophilia and the Masonic occult go hand in hand.
Watch the video!

!! UPDATE !!
A recent video has emerged of a young male rapper saying that he let 'Birdman' sexually assault him for a record deal. Whats even more shocking is that the male embarrassingly admitting the experience is actually the boy in the previous Lil Wayne rape confession video. The boy, then 14 and going by the name 'Twist' was told by Wayne "I'm Gonna do him like Birdy did me". Can't say that Wayne didn't "warn" him.


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  1. Heyy,dumb dumb. He’s clearly saying they had a girl perform oral on him at 11. How are you going to spread truth with lies!??

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