Dr Kent Hovind: Evolution, Dinosaurs and The Great Flood

Do you believe in evolution? We were all taught it in school and told it was scientific fact. Dr Kent Hovind is a creationist and believes that the King James bible is 100% scientifically and mathematically correct. Dr Hovind has been working over the past 20+ years to show how evolution is nothing but a religion and demands that it should not be taught as fact in our public education system. He has filmed many seminars discussing the topic and makes them all available for free on YouTube. He also regularly attends universities and debates professors that have bought in to the evolution lie. Dr Hovind makes atheism and evolution look like utter fantasy.

As an ever learning Christian, Dr Hovind blew my mind and helped me understand how the moronic theory of evolution came to be so widely accepted. However, Dr Hovind’s real passion is Dinosaurs!! Let him explain!

An interesting thing to note is that Dr Hovind has only just been released from prison after serving a nine and a half year sentence for “Structuring”. The case was completely corrupt and was an attempt to shut Dr Hovind up. I advise you take a look in to it. Praise God he is now free and working harder than ever for the Lord.

Check out Dr Hovind’s website
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