Insider exposes shocking truth behind WWI, Palestine and the Jews

Benjamin H. Freedman was an amazing individual and one of the most interesting people of the 20th Century. He was born in 1890 and was a Jew. In his adult life he became a very successful New York businessman, also acquiring principle ownership of the Woodbury Soap Company.

After the Judeo-Communist victory of 1945, Benjamin Freedman decided to break with organized Jewry, embracing Christianity and become a Catholic. He devoted and spent the rest of his life and his considerable amassed wealth; around 2.5 million dollars, exposing the Jewish tyranny enveloping the United States.

As an insider at the highest levels of several key Jewish organizations, Benjamin Freedman was also heavily involved in certain Zionist plots to gain Power of the United States.. he was without doubt an extremely important and reliable source of “inside” Zionist information, and most certainly knew what he was “talking about”.

Benjamin Freedman was also personally acquainted with many key political figures of his times, people like: Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, Samuel Untermyer, Bernard Baruch, Joseph Kennedy, John F. Kennedy and others.

This speech by Benjamin Freedman was made in 1961 at the Willard Hotel in Washington, on behalf of Conde McGinley’s patriotic newspaper “Common Sense”. Although in some minor ways the speech is slightly dated now, it’s central message and points remain just as urgent and in fact more pertinent and strong than ever.

Those Zionist Jews and Zionist Protestants who unjustly criticize and insult Ex-Jew Benjamin Freedman, do so for several reasons, not least the fact that they have been totally unable to destroy Freedman’s arguments, and so, as ever, they rely on their usual tactic and trick of labeling an innocent person as being a “hate monger,” “self hating Jew” or even “anti semite”, in order to undermine & discredit his message & character.

Thank God Many people have refused to be manipulated by the Zionists and everyday more people are waking up to the Zionist’s diabolical agenda & schemes…

~ Absolutely Riveting Listening and Extremely Informative, Don’t Miss…

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  1. Why was this terminated? Big Brother Zion got mad? More proof that Mr. Freedman was and is right. All this does is prove how ugly ZionNazis are. Seriously. Get out of constitutional America. I was once a big supporter of Israel. That game baby, is over. Over and out, big time. Getting rid of Benjamin Freedman from YouTube is one of many examples of why I jumped off this evil ship of Israel.
    When I really think about the reality of this false Israel. It’s hate crimes against anyone, Jew or gentile, who questions your Kabalistic 6,000,000 human offerings as a requirement for the re-establishment of this Israel delusion, I do see the reality of Zionism’s claims of a Holocaust. It is real. And you Zionist Jews directed it all. The Germans were dupes. Oh yes…there was a Jewish Holocaust alright. A Zionist one.

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