Demon Magicians Exposed – Working with fallen angels

I’m sure you’ve all seen magicians like Dynamo and Chris Angel perform so called Magic tricks that boggle the brain and can’t be explained. This 7 part documentary exposes how magicians, like many musicians and actors, sell their soul to Satan in exchange for Godly powers. Ask yourself, who figured out the “trick” where you predict the following weeks world cup results? Where do these modern day “Magicians” learn these modern day tricks?? They’re certainly not in any magic book I know of… or are they?… keep reading…


More Proof! The Magic Circle

As further proof to back up the above theory, I have included a short 3 minute documentary on “The Magic Circle”. The Magic Circle claims to be the most exclusive magic club in the world and is based in London, England. In the video, you will see them tell you that the holy grail of magic books is ‘Scott’s Discovery of Witchcraft’ and they keep secure in their basement. When the camera pans across the open book, hit pause and read whats on the pages. Case closed!

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode 6

Episode 7

The Magic Circle

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  1. your all a bunch of dumba**es!
    Probably still think the world is flat too?
    If their Evil in your theory’s, please show us evidence where HARM is done to anyone or anything for that fact! Stupid people. How easily simple minded people are fooled by a slight of hand, smoke and mirrors!

    • Wow he told you and such language from a person of god amazing how it all comes down too evil demons especially for people who are supposed too believe in miracles I think they say this stuff out of jealousy maybe it is an angel and they are mad they weren’t picked. Notice not one curse word or insult in this post

  2. So, as it turns out, I was led here by a handful of links in a random direction, and I am both glad and upset that I stumbled upon this page. I am a practicing magician, and I really couldn’t bear to watch through all of these videos. Personally, I prefer to present magic as a feat of skill rather than supernatural ability. That being said, it is called a ‘magic’ trick, so it’s common to get d-bags like Chris Angel who are truly extremely skilled in the art of magic, but sell it as if they are something more than a person who has become an expert in their craft. Often, people believe the trick to a magic trick is something oddly simple and cliche. “The rabbit was in a secret compartment in the hat all along,” and “You kept the ace up your sleeve!”, as examples. I am here to tell you that this is almost never the case. They are designed to FOOL you. You will likely never understand the exact mechanics of a trick unless you a comfortable with the moves themselves! Simply because you are not able to solve the puzzle of a well designed trick does not mean that it is the work of the Devil!

    In short, as a magician myself, I can honestly tell you that all of these are the outcome of clever designs, gimmicks, sleight of hand, and performance masked as impossible. Enjoy the astonishment, but do not be deceived into thinking it is something more.

  3. It’s not the question of who is getting hurt or not.Its plain n simple for the slow people in the back. Its about entertainers do it for fame money n followers while those who perform miracles of Christ are healers there to help others in the mission of good vs. Evil n the illusionist is there to distract u from the Divine God to focus on weak minded people turning them away from God. Satan or lucifer is charmer who charms snakes while the Healer comes with Character of a Real Person. They will not accept profit for helping someone it’s their call from God his will.

  4. damn people are dumb as shit – you can google how literally all these ‘demonic feats’ were done, took me two seconds to discover the first two in the clip are BS – david blaine has scar tissue and its not a trick, he just knows his body and can handle pain – the second one of the hanky thru the iphone is just a fake case:

    and just like that, i made your credibility….disappear…ta, da!

  5. Even Penn & Teller call out magicians using dark satanic arts on their show and sure enough the magicians admit it and leave the stage not being able to fool them. Dont be so naive thinking God doesnt exist. Why do the richest people in the world worship lucifer and work tirelessly at discrediting Jesus Christ? 1 iota of logic should clear up any atheists deluded minds.

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