CERNs Large Hadron Collider – Opening the gates to Hell

Satanic Hadron Collider unleashes Hell
Buried deep under a town in Switzerland lies the most extravagant scientific machine ever made. The Hadron Collider was designed to send atoms hurtling through a huge circular pipe at speeds nearing the speed of light. Once the atoms have gathered enough momentum, they are smashed into each other and scientist observe the results.

Is Stephen Hawkin right to condemn the Hadron Collider and says that “It could literally open the gates of hell”? Are scientists actually accessing “Dark Matter” which is what is believed to be the dimension in which the fallen angels reside? Is some sort of portal about to be opened as they prepare to power up the Hadron Collider harder than ever before? Why have scientists been reporting strange and bizarre paranormal activity while working with the Collider? This documentary will explain all.

Another interesting point is the CERN logo… Can you see the 666?

The Alberino Analysis of CERN

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