sky new hebdo fake blood

Charlie Hebdo: Sky News slip up reveals FAKE BLOOD!

Wow, if I was this reporter covering the Hebdo shootings, I would be fearing for my job after making such a monumental blunder on live TV. A video in one of our previous posts clearly shows that the police officer who was supposed to have been murdered that day, was in fact completely unharmed. The […]

Feature - Joan Rivers Murder

Joan Rivers murdered in crazy Illuminati hit!

I don’t know too much about Joan Rivers but I did find her death rather suspicious as it came just few moths after a video emerged on the internet of her calling Michele Obama a tranny. The star died during a supposedly routine surgery after a random, unnamed doctor appeared and hijacked the operation. PressResetEarth […]

Feature - Jimmy Savile is a Wizard

Was Jimmy Savile a Wizard? Full length documentary

With the UK still reeling from the recent Savile scandals, a few points are often overlooked. We never hear much about Jimmy Savile’s personal background and how managed to climb the ladder of success and fame while living his sick lifestyle. This full length documentary takes a look at Savile’s dark past and shines light […]

Feature - Eastenders

New Satanic Eastenders commercial from the BBC

The BBC have launched a new commercial promoting their ‘Mothers Day’ special episode, but questions are mounting surrounding the dark and sinister tones within the 30 second promo. Most people know that soap operas are there just to kill half an hour of the day. But the truth is that most soap operas are actually […]


PARIS ATTACK | Crisis actor spotted at her fourth terror event!

Following the recent Paris attacks, this picture has gone viral! It shows a “Crisis Actor” that has been spotted at the Sandy Hook elementary massacre, the Boston Bombing massacre, the Aurora movie theatre massacre and now she’s gone and got herself caught up in the Paris masacre. What bad luck this girl must have eah?? […]

MSV Illuminati Sexualisation

Illuminati sexualisation of YOUR CHILDREN!! SHOCKING!!

Are you unknowingly aiding the sexualisation of your child? Most people would be shocked at such a question, but the Illuminati industry is working hard to get as much sex ploughed into your kids brain as they can. This documentary gives just A BRIEF GLIMPSE into how sexual doctrines are being pushed upon children through […]

MSV Charlie Sheen

Do leaked divorce files show that Charlie Sheen is a Satanic pedophile?

Do Leaked Divorce records regarding the break up between Charlie Sheen and his former wife Denise Richards reveal Sheen to be pedophile? After a messy legal battle, Richards states that the children were showing signs of beastiality and that she had found pictures of young naked children on his computer. Could Charlie Sheen be the […]

Starship gay Cash Money Records

Rapper ‘Starship God’ had sex with Birdman for record deal

Ever heard of Starship God? Neither had we until we saw a video of him claiming to have acquired a new record deal with Cash Money records by having sex with it’s pedophile CEO Bryan Williams, also known as Birdman. The youngster in the video seems a little nervous but happy to confess. He then […]

MSV Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne was raped as a child…. And loved it!

This incredible  footage shows low grade but super rich rapper Lil Wayne telling a young boy that he was raped by his mentor and CEO of Cash Money records ‘Birdman’. Wayne says he was 11 when the sex act took place amongst a group of older men and is smiling and laughing while relaying the […]

MSV Sold Their Souls

They sold their souls for rock and roll

This amazing documentary exposes how so called “celebrities” sell their souls to Satan in order to achieve fame and fortune. This jaw dropping 5 part series exposes numerous influential musicians from the dawn of the creation of the music industry, all the way up to the present day. Satanism in 2015 is more prevalent than […]

MSV Birdman Mason

Pedophile rapper Birdman is a Freemason!

If your not familiar with this freak, his name is “Birdman”, I know, what a beautiful name. Anyways, Mr. Birdman is the scumbag owner of “Cash Money” records which has other freaks like the demonic Lil Wayne, The bisexual Drake and the street hooker Nikki Minaje. This guy is a living example of somebody with […]

MSV Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan admits he sold his soul to the Devil

In this short clip we see Bob Dylan being brutally honest and looking a little fed up. He tells of how he made a bargain with “the cheif commander of this world and of a world we can’t see”. The interview is obvious but Dylan actually uses the word “Devil” but it was edited out. […]


X-Men Gay Agenda exposed! Producer even admits it!

Is it true that X-Men directors and writers see the term “X-Men” as a code word for “gay” in the X-Men movies? Are they using diabolical subterfuge to shove gay propaganda down the throats of our children? Find out how X-Men director Bryan Singer, who stands accused of pedophilia and child rape, has used the […]

MSV Corey Feldman

Child star Corey Feldman exposes pedophilia in Hollywood

In this incredible interview, child star Corey Feldman tells of how he was surrounded by pedophiles while growing up in the Hollywood movie industry. His late co-star and best friend Corey Haim, admitted to also being sexually abused while in their younger acting days. Haim would go on to take his own life in 2010 […]


Demon Magicians Exposed – Working with fallen angels

I’m sure you’ve all seen magicians like Dynamo and Chris Angel perform so called Magic tricks that boggle the brain and can’t be explained. This 7 part documentary exposes how magicians, like many musicians and actors, sell their soul to Satan in exchange for Godly powers. Ask yourself, who figured out the “trick” where you […]