Aleistar Crowley – The wickedest man in the world.


Aleister Crowley was known by many names. The great beast or the wickedest man in the world – just to name two. He’s wiped from most minds in today’s blinded world but his occult writings and practices paved the way for the ‘Church of Satanism’, founded by Anton LaVay in the 1960’s. The Church openly admits that they are involved with the most powerful people in society and they are pushing full steam ahead to usher in the Satanic New World Order. Famous musicians, actors and leading figures are used by the church to subliminally indoctrinate you with their evil beliefs.

Crowly was the author of many books explaining how to connect with spirits and how to best please them. He confessed to wanting to be “Satan’s chief of staff” and made no secret of sacrificing over 300 babies in just one year. In one of his books “The book of the law”, Crowley explains that the sacrifice of a young male child is the best way to please the spirits. Crowley was the vessel used to promote Sex Magik and pedophilia which has led to the degradation of society today

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