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Well hello there. Thanks for stopping by. I guess your probably wondering what all these crazy videos are about? Let me explain. This website is a collection of all the videos I have watched since starting my “little journey”. What little journey might that be I hear you ask? Well, I’m talking about little “personal” journey that all of us should make in our life times. The journey of asking all the big questions like where do we come from? What is our purpose? and what happens when we die? All the biggies that theologians have been trying to answer since time began.

Perhaps I should start by introducing myself. My name is Scott and I’m just a regular 31 year old IT Manager living in North London, England. I decided to put this website together to help educate, warn, awaken and even scare people into understanding what is going on in the world today. To be absolutely honest, it was also the events that took place a few miles form me in Hampstead that really prompted me to start the site.

YouTube has allowed everybody to have a voice. It has allowed us to pass on information quickly and efficiently with the added benefit of video and audio. Like the saying goes “a picture can speak a thousand words”. So how many words can a video of elite politicians devil worshipping in a forest speak?? Youtube has been a great aide for me in helping me find the truth. I like so many others don’t read enough and if it wasn’t for youtube, I would probably never have been able to figure this whole thing out. Take advantage of Youtube as regulations are getting tighter by the day and the videos you find here may not be around forever.

I have learned, and can say with 100% confidence. That this world is run by a group of Luciferian occultists working together to usher in a New World Order. A one world government. One world banking system. And one world religion. Everybody will be micro chipped and nobody will be able to buy or sell without it. If you refuse it. You will die. The 1% of the 1% are planning to install a VERY SPECIAL LEADER to run the this so called New World Order and it’s just around the corner.

In order to attain the New World order, the planet will need to be depopulated to around 500 million. This can be found on the Georgia Guide stones. While we were sleeping and watching trash like the Kardashians or “Professional Football”, the elites have been wrapping a noose around our necks. Human rights are quickly being taken away while military budgets increase. And when they’re ready, they’ll kick the stool out from under us. If you don’t educate and prepare yourself now, you won’t see it coming. Now, by all means you can call me crazy. You can say that I sat too close to the microwave while wearing my tin hat. Or that I’ve watched too much Doomsday Preppers on TV. But do yourself a favor and start asking questions like I did.

I agree that there is a lot of lies, opinions and theories regarding different subjects on the internet and that you have to take everything with a pinch of salt, sometimes a fist of salt. But a lot of things CAN be proven beyond doubt with the help of audio and video. And the funniest thing about that all this is that the powers that are controlling the New World Order have been hiding it all in plain sight. We just haven’t understood their codes and symbols. But now… with the help of technology and some people who really know their s**t, we can expose their plan once and for all.

I believe that the ones in control are going to rebuild the old temple in Jerusalem. When it is built, a man will enter the temple and declare himself God above all Gods. This will be the man that will run the new world order. The Bible refers to him as the Anti-Christ.

So where did my personal journey take me? you might ask. I won’t bore you with the details, but I found God. Or more precisely, I found Jesus. You see, you need to think about a few things. We can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that our leaders, heads of states, various influential characters and others are straight up devil worshipers. Don’t get me confused. I mean this in the most literal sense possible. It is proved that they worship Lucifer, perform witchcraft, magic, rituals and even human sacrifices. This is fact. So now you must ask yourself. Who is this Lucifer that they are worshiping? Next you have to ask yourself another question. Were you created? or are you just the result of a random genetic mistake that happened billions of years ago? Any physics teacher worth their weight in salt will tell you that the facts and figures point to a creator/designer. I point you toward Dr. Kent Hovind for more information. If you decide and believe you were created by a something or someone, then you need to find out who that something or someone is and what they want.

Now we can go on for hours and hours but I need to keep it short. From the 7 years that I have been researching, I can tell you that I believe the King James Bible to be the absolute word of God. It’s bullet proof. Water tight. Not a contradiction it. Powerful, awe inspiring and sharper than any blade. At the beginning of my personal journey, I was prepared to end up wherever it took me. I could have ended up being an Atheist, a Muslim, a Jehova’s Witness or anything! But I didn’t end up as any of them. Instead I asked Jesus to come into my life. I confessed to him that I was a sinner and I asked for his forgiveness. That’s the true way to heaven. If you follow the truth, you will soon find that out for yourself.

From here on out, my job is to inform others. Jesus told us to spread the Gospel, which coincidentally is the very thing the NWO fear the most as it exposes their plans and offers you safety. Which takes us back to this website. Honestly. Use it! Ask questions! The truth fears no investigation! Share your findings with friends, family and workmates. Alert the world but most importantly, save your eternal soul.

If I can be of any assistance, just email me support@youthinkitsajoke.com . Good luck.

Scott Shaw


  1. Scott,
    Very well put, that about sums it up! The “rabbit hole ” quest for truth indeed leads to Jesus Christ. The truth will set you free. Seek and ye shall find. I was not born into any religion, just started to have more n more questions after 911. Sure enough the path reveals we’ve been lied to all our lives and our “leaders” are devil worshipping pedos. Many blessings bro, keep up God’s good work.

    *Sidenote: Asteroids first, then huge planets in sky, mega quake, pole shift of Rev 6:12 shifts us into the New Heaven/New Earth. Coming very soon…

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