Aaron Russo exposes Illuminati Rockefeller family

Aaron Russo has accomplished much throughout his life but is probably best known for directing the classic movie ‘Trading places’. In this Alex Jones interview for InforWars.com, Aaron gives us a brief history of his life and then goes on to explain how he became close friends with Nick Rockefeller, a member of the extremely wealthy and powerful Illuminati Rockefeller family.

Aaron tells us how he was told about 9/11 before it happened and that it was all going to be one big joke and would allow the US to start their war on terror. Sadly, Aaron passed away in 2007.

Check out his documentary movie ‘Freedom to fascism‘.

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  1. I’ve read that there is no Nick Rockafella who is a member of the Rockafella family. I watched some of the interview, Aaron Russo came across as very genuine! Anyone got any info on whether this is real or not?

  2. Def a real person, and a real Rockefeller. Google him. His attorneys liscense will even come up. But as for the rest? Who can say. It is curious there has my even been a statement refuting what Russo said- I mean a lot of people saw that video. So that means there’s at least 3 possibilities:
    1) Rockefeller’s are controlling this narrative and it’s really a disinformation campaign meant to muddy the real waters
    b) it’s all false amd made up by Russo Nc he was dying of cancer and had nothing to lose – but why the sudden campaign and at the end of his life? Anyway, or
    c) it’s all true and N Rockefeller really messed up by sharing confidences with the wrong person; in which he now can not even acknowledge or risk drawing attention to the story, he’s just ignoring the video and the info leak and assuming that social programming will scilence any real debate or news attempt to dig up the truth.
    I don’t know what the truth is, and anyone claiming to is lying. Provoking thoughts though

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